“Waity Katie” Makes For “Waity” Baby

Image of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge pregnant

(Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images)

UPDATE: According to E! News, Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy 8lbs. 6oz. baby boy at around 4:24pm local London time. I’m glad that the baby is healthy and that my guess was right! So exciting and congrats to the lovely couple. I can’t wait for more developments!

The countdown has been going on all week in anticipation for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to give birth to her and Prince William’s child. The supposed due date was set for sometime last week, but unlike Kim Kardashian’s baby (le sigh) the Royal Baby is hold onto the womb for dear life. This makes me think that the Royal Baby has already inherited the “waity” trait from its mother (ha). 

I’ll admit, the spectacle surrounding the birth of this baby is CRAZY. But, I live for this type of stuff. I know that royalty doesn’t nearly have the same meaning as it once did centuries ago, but the fact that there are still royals around makes it interesting. I can’t help, but also feel bad for this baby. To think, most babies are greeted with the attention of maybe a couple dozen people at the time of their birth. How will this baby feel when it’s greeted with millions of prying eyes?! My advice? Take a good long nap through it all little baby. I think what is also exciting about this whole thing is that my mother remembers when Prince William and Prince Harry were born and how that all turned out for them, but now it’s my generation’s turn to watch a little royal grow up. Also, I’m just mildly obsessed with Kate (mildly used loosely).

As I keep tabs on the lately developments of Kate’s labor (poor gal has been in the hospital since 6am), I just hope that the child is okay. I only say this because I feel that throughout Kate’s pregnancy her bump wasn’t as developed as most would be so close to giving birth.

Lastly, what gender do you think the Royal Baby will be? I’m kind of thinking it might be a boy, but a girl would be amazing since she would be next in line to the throne. Girl Power and all that stuff!

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