To My GirlyTomboys: How To Gear Up For Football Season!

Image of models modeling the new line of NFL women's apparel.

(Photo: Google Images)

Football season is underway and what better way to celebrate then with some new threads to cheer on your favorite team?! has everything you need to fit your GirlyTomboy personality. These fresh designs are a far cry from the ol’ shapeless jerseys made for men that we’ve been subject to wear over the years Don’t get me wrong I have my own shapeless jerseys and quite honestly I love them. I have actually hated most jerseys made for women because they were too girly. However, these new designs aren’t too girly and are acceptable in my book.

The difference in these jerseys is that they are more tailored to a women’s body meaning the jersey won’t just drape over you. Great! There are also some really fashionable alternatives with a jersey that includes a drop waist and pink lettering. The idea is cute, but drop waist anything usually doesn’t work for me and the pink letters are a little too girly for me. But, hey! If it floats your boat, go get it girl!

My favorite additions that aren’t quite practical for a sports played throughout the winter are the tank tops. Nothing a cardigan or cute jacket can’t fix! Speaking of cardigans, there are even team cardigans! Man, if they designed some for hockey I would just die. The last thing I want to mention about this new line of clothing for women (besides the endless amounts of v-neck. LOVE!), is this one perforated pullover sweater that is perforated and screen printed with your team’s logo. As unpractical as a perforated sweater might seem, I think they are so fashionable and awesome. Definitely something worth checking out!

Of course, if you want to edge more on the girly side, you can always head over to Victoria’s Secret PINK for their NFL collection to satisfy all your sequined and yoga pants needs (no hate, I appreciate!).

I’m so glad to see that sports teams are recognizing that there is a market for female fans. I hope every sport takes note and implements their own ways of catering to their female fans. It’s not just a “guy’s thing” anymore!

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