Review: Yurbuds Small Size Earphones

Image of Lisa wearing Yurbuds

I wanted to post about my thoughts about the new Yurbuds Small Size Earphones that are “Developed For Women.” I purchased these earphones last night because I really needed a pair that won’t fall out of my ear when I run. Before I was just using the earphones that came with the iPhone 5. I liked them because of the sound quality and the ability to control the volume and play/pause with the remote attached to the cord. However, I believe I have the weirdest ears ever that require a better fit than what the generically-sized earphones can provide me. I had thought about buying these for a while when I first saw them at Target, but couldn’t justify the $30 price tag. But then I realized that I needed a higher quality set of earphones and that my last pair cost $20 and broke. So, to justify the need/purchase I thought to myself that in theory if I paid ten extra dollars that I would be getting a higher quality product. I hope Yurbuds doesn’t prove my theory false.

I ended up choosing the Yurbuds that are styled to wrap around the ear. These were how my last pair of sporty earphones looked like and I never had to worry about them falling out. They have regularly styled Yurbuds that don’t wrap around the ear, but I wasn’t convinced that they would stay put like I want them to. Yurbuds come in various colors that are bright and cute. From what I saw the colors are baby blue, royal blue, neon yellow, hot pink, and purple. I went with the purple which is strange because I’m more of a teal or pink girl, but I thought the purple looked the best.

I didn’t get a chance to use them until this morning when I worked out. I was trying to meet a friend at the gym when I tried to take the earphones out of the box. The packaging is cool, but trying to get the Yurbuds out was quite the surgery. The process included twisty-ties and my mind being boggled as to how they managed to threat the cord through the plastic without any slits. So, there is some cutting involved, which was kind of annoying.

Once I finally got the Yurbuds out of the packaging I immediately put them in my ears. As I would learn later there is a method to putting them on, which is outlined in the manual that I had no time to read in that moment. At first it kind of hurt because the earbud isn’t just flat, there’s actually a part that enters your ear canal. After I positioned them more comfortably I couldn’t feel them because they are very light. As for the sound quality I would say it isn’t as good as my iPhone earbuds, but I never really cared so much about the quality of sound just as long as there is sound! In the outline of the design that is displayed on the packaging it shows that it allows for ambient sounds. I don’t really know why that is important, but I guess if I were to run outside I would want to be able to hear some ambient sounds.

Overall, I really believe that this is a high quality product. I really like the fact that it is tailored towards women and offers better sizing options. The thing I loved the most is that they didn’t budge at all during my workout. In fact, yesterday I ran a 12-minute mile (I’m a beginner), but today I ran an 8-minute mile because I didn’t have to worry about my Yurbuds falling out. If that doesn’t make someone happy about a product and it’s effectiveness than I don’t know what will!

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