Patterns Bring Outfits To Life

When I go about choosing my outfits in the mornings, especially when I anticipate looking fairly dapper that day, I always keep it basic, but add a kick. The type of kick I’m usually drawn to is the experimentation of mixing patterns or just simply using a pattern to make an outfit pop. Most people would probably choose blue jeans, a solid shirt, and a regular cardigan, but with a pop of pattern this type of outfit can go from plain to fabulous!

Usually when I choose to experiment in patterns I do so sparingly. Again, I emphasis the use of a basic canvas then add on a funky patterned piece. My go-to it appears is a scarf I had bought from PacSun. It is floral and has all of the colors that I usually wear (fuchsia, green, and blue). It is a magnificent scarf and I get the most compliments on it. This one accessory is powerful due to the fact of its versatile colors. Say, if I wear a green solid v-neck, the green in the scarf will pop out more, in turn making my outfit more interesting. I also like to experiment with different patterns of shirts. I have a really old floral tank top from American Eagle that has a gradient from green to purple. Today, I wore it with a purple tank top underneath to emphasize the color scheme. In addition, I chose to wear this fabulous simple, long, black cardigan with spikes on the shoulders from Forever 21. With this outfit I got lots of compliments, mainly for the spikes since no one seems to wear them around here. The most coveted compliment came from one of my guys friends who told me for some reason I didn’t look “goth” with my long, black, spikey cardigan. I told him it was the flowers and he concurred. You can also experiment with patterns in cardigans themselves (I obviously have a deep love for cardigans, no shame!). While in London I picked up an amazing cardigan (with pockets, SCORE!) that had a tribal print. I’m usually drawn to floral patterns, but I thought I’d switch it up and experiment. I also get a lot of compliments on this piece.

So ladies, it is all about experimenting. Most of the girls you see in fashion blogs experiment and put unconventional pieces together to make a pull-together look by emphasizing color, shape, and patterns. I urge you to try experimenting today!

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