Gaga Gone Gaga. Got A Problem?

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(Photo: “The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga” Screen Shot)

I had seen GIFs of this video (The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga) on Tumblr, which is usually how I find out about videos like this. But, it wasn’t until my friend actually showed me the video that I actually watched it. To no surprise, people are putting in their own two cents about it. Well, here are mine.
Anyone that knows me that I am a Little Monster (huge Gaga fan). I saw her back in February for the first time at her Born This Way Ball right before she was forced to cancel it due to an injury. It was a magical experience. I felt like I was reborn. Yeah, you probably don’t understand, but I don’t expect you to. However, I’m going to try to make you understand this video. 

I first watched the video and the opening sequence that shows Gaga laying on the floor holding a pretty raucous note kind of startled me I have to admit. It is assumed that the general public has never viewed something like that, which is nothing short of what Gaga usually does. The video continues with random scenes of her in a wooded area and a lake and more often than not while being naked.

In response to her nudity, an article written by the New York Daily News stated that she “leaves nothing to the imagination.” I find this very comical. I still don’t get why being nude is such taboo. Although the public would probably prefer that birthday suits be reserved to those with ideal body types or those who we fantasize about, I feel as though people always need something to gripe about. I assume that most of the people making comments that suggest that they are uncomfortable with the “shocking” nudity of Gaga are those who are not comfortable in their own bodies. What I say to these people is this: honestly maybe you should take the time to look at yourself naked more often and become comfortable with yourself before you try to pass judgement on someone who is comfortable doing just so. Also, I have never heard so much hoopla surrounding the times when actors or actresses flaunt their bodies or nether regions in films. Just think about that. Let that sink in. Moving on…

Take into consideration the title “The Abramovic Method.” Obviously this has some significance, right? All I’m going to say is look it up, open not only your eyes, but your mind, have your world turned upside down, get cultured, and realize that Gaga is not the only Gaga one in the world. You’ve been gravely mistaken if you thought she was the only one. If you ask me, she’s not crazy at all and neither is Marina.

People get so comfortable in their lives that they stop accepting the changes in the world or don’t try to understand what they can’t understand. But, that is a completely different discussion. Hopefully this has helped you start to understand that things are always more than how they appear.

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