University of Oregon Tennis Star Drowns; Dies

A highly celebrated UO athlete died Saturday after diving off a cliff and failing to surface. Friends and witnesses tried to help rescue the body of Alex Rovello, but were challenged by the deep, 37-degree water. There area of Tamolitch Falls in Willamette National Forest located in western Oregon is remote enough that it took two miles before someone could receive any cell service. By the time dive teams and deputies arrived at the scene, Rovello’s body was recovered from more than 30 feet below the water’s surface by dive teams and deputies who arrived at the scene. Rovello will be missed by all who knew him and his legacy as a shining tennis star will never be forgotten.

Blackhawks Advance To Second Round

Image of Chicago Blackhawks Saluting Fans After Win


Blackhawks Fall 2-3 To Wild

Blackhawk checking a Wild player into the boards.

Blackhawks lose to Wild in OT.

Game 2 vs. Wild: #1 Star Frolik Shines On Ice

Image of Blackhawks' Frolik During Game 2 of Playoffs

Blackhawks win.

Win Flags A-Wavin’ Means the Cubs Win Opening Day

Image of Wrigley Field on Opening Day 2013

Chicago Cubs achieve a victory in their first game of the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Final score was 3-1.

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