There Will Be Hockey In Peoria

image of Peoria Civic Center with a hockey rink.

News broke today that Peoria will get a hockey team to replace the AHL affiliated Rivermen. The team will still be named the Peoria Rivermen since the St. Louis Blues never trademarked the name during their term of affiliation with the team. This news comes after the Vancouver Canucks decided that they weren’t going to operate their team in the Peoria Civic Center. Read More

Blackhawks Advance To Second Round

Image of Chicago Blackhawks Saluting Fans After Win


Blackhawks Fall 2-3 To Wild

Blackhawk checking a Wild player into the boards.

Blackhawks lose to Wild in OT.

Game 2 vs. Wild: #1 Star Frolik Shines On Ice

Image of Blackhawks' Frolik During Game 2 of Playoffs

Blackhawks win.

Chicago Pillaged Hockeytown in 7-1 Win

Image of Blackhawks trying to score on the Red Wings.

Yeah buddy you heard me right! Happy Easter to me!

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