Short Hair Don’t Care

Warmer weather calls for shorter hair in my opinion. Therefore, once the temperature starts rising, so does my hair length. Whenever I think about cutting my hair I am always drawn to a nice bob. It can always be fresh especially after having long, dowdy hair (nothing wrong with long hair, but mine tends to get really nasty as it gets longer. Work it long-haired girls!). Right now, considering I’m in the process of finding a job, I have decided to go with a short bob, just off my shoulders with a slight aline. To add a little quirk as I like to call it, I plan to have one side a half-inch to an inch longer than the other. I feel like it adds personality! What are you spring makeover plans?

BIG things are about to happen. Just you wait!

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So excited!

Patterns Bring Outfits To Life

When I go about choosing my outfits in the mornings, especially when I anticipate looking fairly dapper that day, I always keep it basic, but add a kick. The type of kick I’m usually drawn to is the experimentation of mixing patterns or just simply using a pattern to make an outfit pop. Most people would probably choose blue jeans, a solid shirt, and a regular cardigan, but with a pop of pattern this type of outfit can go from plain to fabulous!
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