To My GirlyTomboys: How To Gear Up For Football Season!

Image of models modeling the new line of NFL women's apparel.

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Football season is underway and what better way to celebrate then with some new threads to cheer on your favorite team?! has everything you need to fit your GirlyTomboy personality. These fresh designs are a far cry from the ol’ shapeless jerseys made for men that we’ve been subject to wear over the years Don’t get me wrong I have my own shapeless jerseys and quite honestly I love them. I have actually hated most jerseys made for women because they were too girly. However, these new designs aren’t too girly and are acceptable in my book. Read More

It’s Finally Getting Warm Out!

The warmer the temperature the less clothes people seem to wear. How to look cool while beating the summer heat:

What is considered business casual?

Sometimes I wonder if people know what “business casual” means. I feel as though people hear the word casual and think that they can just wear what they would on a regular basis, but just toss a blazer over it.


This is definitely not business casual and even though it is “casual” there are and should be rules. Shockingly, ladies are the worst at dressing business casual.

Patterns Bring Outfits To Life

When I go about choosing my outfits in the mornings, especially when I anticipate looking fairly dapper that day, I always keep it basic, but add a kick. The type of kick I’m usually drawn to is the experimentation of mixing patterns or just simply using a pattern to make an outfit pop. Most people would probably choose blue jeans, a solid shirt, and a regular cardigan, but with a pop of pattern this type of outfit can go from plain to fabulous!
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