Gaga Gone Gaga. Got A Problem?

screenshot from the video

(Photo: “The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga” Screen Shot)

I had seen GIFs of this video (The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga) on Tumblr, which is usually how I find out about videos like this. But, it wasn’t until my friend actually showed me the video that I actually watched it. To no surprise, people are putting in their own two cents about it. Well, here are mine. Read More

“Waity Katie” Makes For “Waity” Baby

Image of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge pregnant

(Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images)

UPDATE: According to E! News, Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy 8lbs. 6oz. baby boy at around 4:24pm local London time. I’m glad that the baby is healthy and that my guess was right! So exciting and congrats to the lovely couple. I can’t wait for more developments!

The countdown has been going on all week in anticipation for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to give birth to her and Prince William’s child. The supposed due date was set for sometime last week, but unlike Kim Kardashian’s baby (le sigh) the Royal Baby is hold onto the womb for dear life. This makes me think that the Royal Baby has already inherited the “waity” trait from its mother (ha).  Read More

“Amanda Bynes is acting like…

A composite image of two pictures of Amanda Bynes then and now.

a crazy character that she would play on her show!”

This was a quote I ran across online and pretty much sums up the public’s opinion on Amanda Bynes. Yet another child actress who has turned to the dark side and gone completely crazy. Honestly, I have been shocked with all of the recent news surrounding Miss Bynes because it doesn’t even seem like she’s the same person anymore. I have been so baffled that it is hard for me to believe that this is the same girl that used to grace my TV screen as a kid. What a shame.