To My GirlyTomboys: How To Gear Up For Football Season!

Image of models modeling the new line of NFL women's apparel.

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Football season is underway and what better way to celebrate then with some new threads to cheer on your favorite team?! has everything you need to fit your GirlyTomboy personality. These fresh designs are a far cry from the ol’ shapeless jerseys made for men that we’ve been subject to wear over the years Don’t get me wrong I have my own shapeless jerseys and quite honestly I love them. I have actually hated most jerseys made for women because they were too girly. However, these new designs aren’t too girly and are acceptable in my book. Read More

Gaga Gone Gaga. Got A Problem?

screenshot from the video

(Photo: “The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga” Screen Shot)

I had seen GIFs of this video (The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga) on Tumblr, which is usually how I find out about videos like this. But, it wasn’t until my friend actually showed me the video that I actually watched it. To no surprise, people are putting in their own two cents about it. Well, here are mine. Read More

“Waity Katie” Makes For “Waity” Baby

Image of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge pregnant

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UPDATE: According to E! News, Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy 8lbs. 6oz. baby boy at around 4:24pm local London time. I’m glad that the baby is healthy and that my guess was right! So exciting and congrats to the lovely couple. I can’t wait for more developments!

The countdown has been going on all week in anticipation for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to give birth to her and Prince William’s child. The supposed due date was set for sometime last week, but unlike Kim Kardashian’s baby (le sigh) the Royal Baby is hold onto the womb for dear life. This makes me think that the Royal Baby has already inherited the “waity” trait from its mother (ha).  Read More

Review: Yurbuds Small Size Earphones

Image of Lisa wearing Yurbuds

I wanted to post about my thoughts about the new Yurbuds Small Size Earphones that are “Developed For Women.” I purchased these earphones last night because I really needed a pair that won’t fall out of my ear when I run. Before I was just using the earphones that came with the iPhone 5. I liked them because of the sound quality and the ability to control the volume and play/pause with the remote attached to the cord. However, I believe I have the weirdest ears ever that require a better fit than what the generically-sized earphones can provide me. Read More

Review: Blogilates Beginner Total Body Workout Video

Keep calm and train with blogilates image

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Today was another one of those days where I found it impossible to motivate myself to go to the gym. I know it’s important to do a least a little bit of exercise everyday, but I was not ready to engage in my usual intense workout. I had heard about Blogilates before across various websites and decided to try one out. I chose to do the beginner total body workout because that was the first video suggested by the workout calendar that Cassey (the Blogilates trainer) has put together for everyone just starting out. For more of my review Read More

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