April, 2013

What is considered business casual?

Sometimes I wonder if people know what “business casual” means. I feel as though people hear the word casual and think that they can just wear what they would on a regular basis, but just toss a blazer over it.


This is definitely not business casual and even though it is “casual” there are and should be rules. Shockingly, ladies are the worst at dressing business casual.

“Amanda Bynes is acting like…

A composite image of two pictures of Amanda Bynes then and now.

a crazy character that she would play on her show!”

This was a quote I ran across online and pretty much sums up the public’s opinion on Amanda Bynes. Yet another child actress who has turned to the dark side and gone completely crazy. Honestly, I have been shocked with all of the recent news surrounding Miss Bynes because it doesn’t even seem like she’s the same person anymore. I have been so baffled that it is hard for me to believe that this is the same girl that used to grace my TV screen as a kid. What a shame.

Win Flags A-Wavin’ Means the Cubs Win Opening Day

Image of Wrigley Field on Opening Day 2013

Chicago Cubs achieve a victory in their first game of the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Final score was 3-1.

Louisville Player Puts Ware and Tear in His Leg; Team Beats Duke

Image of Louisville teammate looking at Ware on the floor after injury

Wowza, that looks like it hurt. Yikes! Do not search for any videos or images if you are the least bit squeamish. I dared myself to look and trust me, it is definitely not something you want to stare at or look at twice. Beware of Internet feeds!

Chicago Pillaged Hockeytown in 7-1 Win

Image of Blackhawks trying to score on the Red Wings.

Yeah buddy you heard me right! Happy Easter to me!